Thursday, April 4, 2013

Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) by Jamie Mcguire

My rating: 4 stars

This is one of my most awaited novels for this year and I am so happy I was able to get a glimpse of Travis and Abby's pair up Again. I read beautiful disaster 2 months ago (if memory is correct) so the story is still fresh and I can get along with every chapter on the book without having second thoughts about what's really happening on Walking disaster. And since the story is Travis' point of view, the plot is the same witj Beautiful Disaster. Just make sure you have finished reading the first book first before starting this book because there are a lot of scenes that you won't be able to understand without readng Abby's story. 

I'm giving this 4 stars because it didn't give me the same excitement and stunned emotions like Beautiful disaster. Now I understand why Travis is so temperamental on book 1 and is so fond of walking out. The confusion and questions I had on book 1 was explained on this book, most especially the part where Travis made out with 2 girls while Abby slept on the couch. Haha. 

The epilogue- it gave me goosebumps. I love how their story actually ended. I knew it, Travis will be a good father.

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