Friday, June 14, 2013

Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1) by Rebecca Donovan

Is Carol a psycho? She really got into my nerves and felt like throwing my reader every time I see her name. I wanted to go to the police and tell them exactly what she keeps on doing to Emma - and George? Are you that blind not to realize that your wife is a freaking psycho? Isn't it obvious that this book really consumed me because I couldn't explain the angst I feel towards Carol. 

So, Carol isn't really the main character on the book. She's the husband of the brother of Emma's father. She's abusive, and would really make you cringe knowing the things she does to Emma. She has the tendency to make stories and pretent that she's not doing something wrong. 

On the other hand, if we remove Carol's character on the book i don't think I wouldn't finish reading it. She's the reason why I was so eager to finish book 1 because I wanted to know if she will be ever caught and get arrested on the book. But too bad, that's not the way how it was written and I'm thinking that I'll read more of that heartless woman on book 2. 

So can you imagine how dull the book would be if Carol isn't part of the story? . Also, I think there are a lot of unnecessary scenes that may have be omitted. 

The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson

First book that I read by James Patterson. Well, I know that he's such a renowned author but I really didn't like this book. I don't think I would read any of his books again. At first the book was really okay because somehow, it's realistic. But little by little, the story gets weird and as if Gaby is an ill self centered woman. Oh Gaby you are so perfect in the book! Come on, who wants to get married without telling your friends and family about your groom, and you only plan to reveal his personality on the wedding day itself? duh. Gaby's lucky because her 3 prospects never backed out. 

I would have given this book a higher rating if only Gaby's case was not plotted that way. The only thing that I loved about this book is the cover and Claire (Gaby's daugher who plans to divorce his a**hole husband named Hank).

Existence by Abbi Glines

This book just made me cringe. I don’t know why I even bothered to pick up this book. With all due respect, Ms. Glines is such a good author, but her books really do not suit my taste. 

Here are the reasons why I disliked the book:

The names – Leif, Death, Pagan. What’s up with the names? Are there no options for a better name? I know the names do not change the story, but it’s just weird.

Pagan – she’s the main character, and I find her so unfair because she sticks with Leif because she knows he’s normal while Death is a wandering soul. She is a green-eyed monster who knows nothing but to be jealous. Come on Pagan, you already have a Leif, and you also want Dank? Decide girl.

The flow of the story – there are some parts on the book that you really wouldn’t know what’s happening. Like it would jump from one scene to another, and you wouldn’t know that there’s a new scene already.

The plot itself – come on, who really falls for a soul? It is already freaky knowing that you see souls and you get to talk to them. But it is even freakier if you fall in love with a soul and would give up everything just to be with the so called soul-lover.

Kendra – I felt sad for her, because Pagan, who should be the goody-goody type didn’t even give her a chance. Yes, at times, she can be very snotty, but Pagan kept calling her names, only because she is too jealous plus I think, Kendra is more beautiful than Pagan.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Paperback487 pages
Published May 2010 by PanMacmillan Australia

Wooo! I love this book so much and couldn't explain the overflowing emotions I had as soon as I finished reading this. This book has sure a lot of moral lessons in terms of family, friendship and relationship. I wouldn't know what I would do if the same thing would happened to me. 

What Alice forgot is about a brave woman who suffered from a temporary amnesia where she forgot the past 10 years of her life. She wasn't aware that she has 3 kids already, a good house, cold relationship with her older sister, and her relationship with her husband had fallen apart. The memory she could remember was year 1998 where everything was almost perfect. Where she was pregnant, happy with her love life, close family ties and a simple life. But as soon as she lost her memory, she really struggled because her friends, her kids (whom she can't even remember) and her husband seemed to have ill feelings toward her. She didn't know what kind of person she had become and she felt that she needed to make things right. However, since she had almost wasted the 10 years of her life, patching things up with her family and husband is not as easy as it can be - most especially that in her present life, she has a new supporting boyfriend (this part is hard because she couldn't stand the fact that she has a boyfriend since what she remembers was the time she was so in love with her husband.)

I also enjoyed the letters that Frannie and Elisabeth had written. At one point, I really felt Elisabeth's sentiments for wanting a baby so bad. 

And since this is a feel good book, of course the ending is happy. The typical ending you'd love too see in a movie. On the latter part, everything will be explained thoroughly when Alice regained her memory but the sad part here was that again, she realized that on her present memory, Nick and Alice are about to get their divorce. Now that's where I would like to stop because I don't want to be such a spoiler.
Wow, it's been a while since the last time I've updated this blog, unfortunately blogger was blocked for a couple of weeks in the office, so I haven't had the time to update it. My reviews have been piled up already. But here are the books I've read for the past few weeks. ♥

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cross my Heart, Hope to Die (The lying game #5) by Sara Shepard

321 pages
Published February 5th 2013 

My rating: 4 stars
Warning: Spoilers ahead! ♥

If only I didn’t want to find out who killed Sutton, I would have stopped reading this never ending series already. Good thing, as per the blurb on good reads, the next series will be the last installment already. FINALLY!

Now that I am so closed to finding out the killer, I already have a clue who’s behind Sutton’s death. Since her friends and family have already been withheld from her leads, I am thinking that Ethan “might” be the killer. But since Sara Shepard is so good in twisting her stories, it is still yet to be seen. Who knows, a new character might be introduced on the last installment?

The reason why I am thinking that Ethan is the suspect is because he acted kind of weird on this book. His record on the hospital where Rebecca (Emma and Sutton’s birth mom) was treated was another reason why I think that he’s the main suspect. We also know that he is kind of obsessed with Sutton, and since Sutton and Thayer has something going on between them, it COULD be that Ethan killed Sutton out of jealousy. But again, that remains to be seen. Also, when Nisha died (yeah, Sutton’s rival but they reunited on the later part), Ethan was not in the picture. Emma and Ethan were supposed to have dinner, but Ethan said that something came up and he might be late – Now, that was the time when Nisha was found dead on the pool. One factor that Ethan was the lead on Nisha’s death is because Ethan knows that Nisha gave access to Emma to the hospital records. It COULD be that Ethan wanted to get his revenge towards Nisha for giving the keycard to Emma which led her in finding out about his treatment.

The book revolved on finding out if Rebecca (their mother) was the killer. Good thing, she was able to clear herself because I would really hate it if she’s behind Sutton’s death. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Opal (Lux #3) by Jennifer Armentrout

382 pages
Published December 11th 2011

It took me a week before I finished this book. Prior to reading this 3rd book, I said that I would indulge myself fr Daemon and Kat's team up, but I don't know what happened to that notion, because I had a hard time connecting with the story and I find the story a bit too slow. Perhaps one reason I felt that way is because I over indulged myself with Luxens and its as if I still have a book hangover from Onyx. 

In as much as I would like to enjoy the book, unfortunately I had to skip some lines just to jump to the next scene. For me, this book has a good substance but there's a missing piece on the story that I couldn't seem to figure out. 

If book 2 focused on Kat's training, Opal mainly focused how to save Bethany and how to get away with the Daedelus. New characters were introduced, - Paris and Luc who helped the Black's and Thompson's to fulfill their mission - and that is to get past the DOD from saving Bethany. If you're a big fan of Daemon and Kat's love team, you'd surely enjoy reading this because Daemon's sweet and adorable side was quite prominent on this book. 

And the ending- I thought everything's going to be okay, but unfortunately an incident happened that would surely make you want to read the last installment already! ☺ 

PS- I still love the way how Daemon comes up with different names for Blake.