Friday, June 14, 2013

Existence by Abbi Glines

This book just made me cringe. I don’t know why I even bothered to pick up this book. With all due respect, Ms. Glines is such a good author, but her books really do not suit my taste. 

Here are the reasons why I disliked the book:

The names – Leif, Death, Pagan. What’s up with the names? Are there no options for a better name? I know the names do not change the story, but it’s just weird.

Pagan – she’s the main character, and I find her so unfair because she sticks with Leif because she knows he’s normal while Death is a wandering soul. She is a green-eyed monster who knows nothing but to be jealous. Come on Pagan, you already have a Leif, and you also want Dank? Decide girl.

The flow of the story – there are some parts on the book that you really wouldn’t know what’s happening. Like it would jump from one scene to another, and you wouldn’t know that there’s a new scene already.

The plot itself – come on, who really falls for a soul? It is already freaky knowing that you see souls and you get to talk to them. But it is even freakier if you fall in love with a soul and would give up everything just to be with the so called soul-lover.

Kendra – I felt sad for her, because Pagan, who should be the goody-goody type didn’t even give her a chance. Yes, at times, she can be very snotty, but Pagan kept calling her names, only because she is too jealous plus I think, Kendra is more beautiful than Pagan.

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