Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cross my Heart, Hope to Die (The lying game #5) by Sara Shepard

321 pages
Published February 5th 2013 

My rating: 4 stars
Warning: Spoilers ahead! ♥

If only I didn’t want to find out who killed Sutton, I would have stopped reading this never ending series already. Good thing, as per the blurb on good reads, the next series will be the last installment already. FINALLY!

Now that I am so closed to finding out the killer, I already have a clue who’s behind Sutton’s death. Since her friends and family have already been withheld from her leads, I am thinking that Ethan “might” be the killer. But since Sara Shepard is so good in twisting her stories, it is still yet to be seen. Who knows, a new character might be introduced on the last installment?

The reason why I am thinking that Ethan is the suspect is because he acted kind of weird on this book. His record on the hospital where Rebecca (Emma and Sutton’s birth mom) was treated was another reason why I think that he’s the main suspect. We also know that he is kind of obsessed with Sutton, and since Sutton and Thayer has something going on between them, it COULD be that Ethan killed Sutton out of jealousy. But again, that remains to be seen. Also, when Nisha died (yeah, Sutton’s rival but they reunited on the later part), Ethan was not in the picture. Emma and Ethan were supposed to have dinner, but Ethan said that something came up and he might be late – Now, that was the time when Nisha was found dead on the pool. One factor that Ethan was the lead on Nisha’s death is because Ethan knows that Nisha gave access to Emma to the hospital records. It COULD be that Ethan wanted to get his revenge towards Nisha for giving the keycard to Emma which led her in finding out about his treatment.

The book revolved on finding out if Rebecca (their mother) was the killer. Good thing, she was able to clear herself because I would really hate it if she’s behind Sutton’s death. 

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