Thursday, April 4, 2013

Requiem (Delirium, #3) by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 3 stars

I read the uncorrected e-proof of Requiem, so I know for sure there would still be CHANGES on the story. I am also hoping that the ending would change. 

If Pandemonium's style is Now and Then; Requiem is Hana and Lena. Lauren Oliver depicted the different lives of Lena. Like, how Lena became stronger and a great fighter when she joined the resistance. And for Hana, how she prepared herself to marry Fred Hangrove. Just like the previous sequels, there are too much revelations and twists on the story. 

But still, there are some questions that were left unanswered: 

* What happened to Hana after she escaped the planned bombing? Did Fred Hangrove escape? 
* What happened to Lena? Whom did she choose? Was it Alex or Jillian? (Well in terms of their love story, I wasn't satisfied how it was written. I was expecting that everything's going to be a happy ending. A new city and their freedom to love. 
* How come Hana acted as if she wasn't cured totally? 

I've always loved the Delirium Series, and now that I'm done with all 3 books (but of course, I'd still read the "true" copy), I will miss reading everything about Delirium. 

I'm giving this 5 stars for the joy I have experienced as I read this book. 

Looking forward to read more dystopian novels from Lauren Oliver ♥ 

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